Should I Get Frameless Glass Shower Doors?glass-shower-doors-roswell

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom or bathing space, you may be considering having frameless glass shower doors installed to replace your framed shower doors. Here are some things you can consider that may help you decide if frameless glass shower doors are right for you:

  • Looks – If beauty is important to you, then frameless glass shower doors may be the way to go. These doors eliminate the need for the bulky metal frames, hard lines, and defined spaces of a framed door. The visually appealing all glass design creates an open and modern look. We also offer frosted glass options.
  • Customization – Unlike framed shower doors that come in standard sizes, glass shower doors without frames can be customized in overall size, as well as to the size of the actual door opening, giving homeowners the chance to build their shower doors to their liking.
  • Easy Maintenance – Glass shower doors without frames are easy to maintain because their entire surface is glass, requiring only a glass cleaner and a rag to maintain. Framed doors, however, have metal parts that can rust, corrode, or trap mold and mildew, making them much tougher to clean.
  • Strength – While framed shower doors have a relatively thin piece of glass inside the frame that can wobble when the door opens and closes, frameless glass shower doors use a much heavier and thicker piece of glass, allowing them to stay sturdy without a frame and eliminating the wobbling problem that framed doors have.

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