Need Glass Services in Atlanta, GA? Here’s What to Look for in a Glass Company

Glass Services Atlanta GAIf you’re in need of glass services in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, you don’t want to hire just any company to complete the glass work for you. Instead, you want a professional company who will be able to customize your glass pieces the way you want them, and offer the experience necessary to safely install them for you in your home or business.

Some glass companies source glass fabrication work out to contracted glaziers, instead of performing all of their glass services in-house. This may mean that you can’t get the precise cut you may want or need for your glass item. Additionally, the issue of experience comes in to play. Because glass can be a difficult material to work with, you want a glass services company that has worked with glass for many years. An experienced glass company will not only have the skills necessary to makes the glass project at your home or business look better, but their experience level also reduces the risk of potential damage and injury when the glass is installed – it’s less likely to fall and break if the company knows how to install it securely.

At Kennesaw Glass & Mirror, our glaziers have over 20 years of experience fabricating and cutting glass, and our technicians are highly trained to properly install any glass piece we make for you at your home or business. All of our glass work is completed in-house at our Atlanta area workshop, so we offer a full range of different glass services, including:

  • Residential and commercial glass repair
  • Residential and commercial glass installation
  • Emergency glass repair and replacement
  • Window repair
  • Insulated and energy-efficient glass installation and replacement
  • Glass shower enclosures
  • Custom mirrors
  • And more

Contact Kennesaw Glass & Mirror today to learn more about the glass services we offer to home and business owners in Atlanta, Georgia, and all surrounding communities.