A Trusted Glass Repair Shop Serving Residents of Vinings, GA

It’s practically a rite of passage for kids. Whether it happens while playing ball outside or roughhousing indoors, eventually, you’ll hear that telltale sound of glass shattering. It’s okay. You’ve probably broke a window or two as a kid yourself. But where do you turn to get it fixed? Your windows aren’t old, and they’re double-paned windows designed for energy efficiency. Kennesaw Glass & Mirror is a glass repair shop that can handle all of your home glass repair needs. We can fix your broken window and help you get your Vinings, Georgia, home happy and whole again!

Our Glass Repair Services

At Kennesaw Glass & Mirror, we do all of our glass repair projects right here in our shop. We can fabricate our own glass, which means there’s no wasted time sending your glass repair out to a secondary company. It also means we can keep a close eye on every step of the project to ensure that it lives up to our high standards.

For windows, we can fix double-paned windows and even replace the gas fill in between the panes. We can come to your home, or, if you want to save a little money, you can bring your window into our shop.

Contact Us

Whether you have a broken window or a cracked glass tabletop or vanity, contact Kennesaw Glass & Mirror. We’re the local glass repair shop serving residents of Vinings, GA, and surrounding neighborhoods. No project is done until you are 100% happy!