Customized Decorative Mirrors for Marietta, GA, Residents

Decorative Mirrors Marietta GAIf you’d like customized decorative mirrors made for your Marietta, Georgia, home, turn to the company that area residents have trusted with their home glass needs since 1987 – Kennesaw Glass and Mirror. Our expert glaziers and technicians have an average of 20 years of experience in the glass industry, so when you come to us to design custom mirrors, you can expect that they will be made with precise craftsmanship and installed securely, so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Our glaziers will fabricate and cut your decorative mirrors to your precise specifications at our local facility. Upon completion, our friendly technicians will safely deliver the mirrors to your house and install them for you, which reduces your risk of injury or damage to the mirror. Furthermore, because we complete our work in-house, you’ll benefit from a quick turnaround time, which means you can enjoy your new mirrors sooner than you may have imagined.

We can create decorative mirrors for a number of different applications in your Marietta, Georgia, home, such as:

  • A focal point above your fireplace or over your couch in the living room
  • An elegant décor piece in the entryway of the house
  • A classy addition to the powder room, serving as a vanity mirror for guests

No matter where you want to place your new decorative mirrors in your home, they are sure to make a stunning and unique addition to the décor of your residence.

For more information on the glass services we offer in the Marietta, GA, area, or to get started designing decorative mirrors for your home, contact Kennesaw Glass & Mirror today. We also offer glass and window repair services and a number of other gorgeous custom glass products.