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Indoor closeup of handles of an opened white window with double pane glassIf you are in need of double-pane replacement glass for one or more of the windows at your Roswell, Georgia, home, turn to the professionals at Kennesaw Glass & Mirror. Since 1987, we’ve been the trusted local glass company, offering a variety of custom-crafted glass products, as well as glass replacement and repair services. When you partner with Kennesaw Glass & Mirror for a double-pane glass replacement, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality product that is engineered to perform and built to last. 

Why You Might Need a Double-Pane Glass Replacement

When an energy-efficient window breaks, you can’t just replace the window with any old glass—you need to have a new double-pane glass replacement installed to ensure that the window continues to perform as it should. Here at Kennesaw Glass, we have just what you need. The double-pane glass replacement units that we carry offer a number of great energy- efficient features, such as:

  • Low-E glass, which has special coatings that filter out ultraviolet and infrared light but allow visible light to pass through. This lets you enjoy lots of bright sunshine in your home without excess heat or UV rays fading your carpeting and drapes

  • Durable spacers, which keep the two panes of glass appropriately spaced to regulate glass surface temperature and prevent condensation from forming inside the window

  • Gas fills, which are pumped in between the panes of glass to provide an extra layer of insulation to guard against heat transfer

Why Choose Kennesaw Glass?

Each of our highly qualified technicians has an average of 20 years’ of experience working with double-pane glass replacements, so you can trust that any installation work needed for your project will be handled with the utmost expertise. What’s more, by completing all of our custom glass fabrication in-house at our local workshop, we’re able to provide a quicker turnaround time than any other glass company in the area.

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